BADGER S BOTTOM – (single) for those that like to fish the shallows and the margins, not forgetting the chance to stalk around the lilies on the near side bank. The Grass carp love this end of the lake. Deeper water well within casting distance. 

BODGERS – (single) cut into a read bank, the brave can fish a wagler or a free line for carp at a rod length. Pads, gravel, willows, open water and margins are all accessible….find the 30 foot gravel patch that runs directly in front of you and bait with Bollies and particle. 3oz leads will hook them for you.

PADDY S PADS – (single) a short chuck to the pads on the near bank is a must. Open water and far margins are also really tempting.

RONNIE ROW – (single) plenty of open water here. Find the features – such as the gravel bar at 70 meters. Near and far margins can prove productive. Walk a bucket of pellets around to the far bank – accurate baiting is a worthwhile exercise! 

HOME RUN – (single) for the lazy angler – it s nearest to the lodge! Several patches of gravel, table top size can be found between 30 & 80 meters, cast to them and don t forget to whack one over to the far side whilst you’re  at it. Not too far to go for a cold beer.

LEFT BOOT & RIGHT BOOT- (double) sit in the shade for most of the day and bang out some biggies from the overhanging willows on the far bank (130 Metre cast). Fish the near bank just yards from where your bivvied up. Also, there’s enough open water here to keep Christopher Columbus happy.

CRUMBLIE CORNER – (single) deep water, shallows, margins, this swim has it all. Don t forget the reeds (spot em knocking) they offer a tempting option. Expect a screamer when you get a run in this swim.

MARSH END – (single) fish from the dam between the main lake and the nature reserve. You ve got deep water and margins. Large fish frequent this part of the lake. Stay quiet here and the fish will come to you.